CherylDeaner - In My Country - The Movie Review
In My Country - The Movie Review

In My Country is the story of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission - an amazing experiment of a country trying to live together after the fall of a brutal regime. It features how people can become motivated to tell the truth in the interest of all sides being able to live with together because they have to live together. Without vengeance, the victims and the perpetrators come together to tell the whole truth to each other of what really happened. The experience brings unexpected results as realities shift quickly and permanently for those involved. I never knew what would happen next.

I particularly liked Juliette Binoche's performance as a white South African reporter, as well as the photography. And the scenes of the journalists coming and going as they do all over the world as they follow the news.

This movie made me really think about how we in the US might approach our problems differently. For instance, our brutal reactions to the rest of the world because of 9/11 led to our revenge via invading and toppling another country - even though that country had not produced nor harbored Osama Bin Laden. Was revenge the only choice we had to in order to make our grief and pain more understandable and managable? 

This movie also shows the capacity a people who understood the value of figuring out a new way for its citizens to deal with otherwise unspeakable loss rather than an endless cycle of retaliation and retribution.

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